If you proudly proclaim yourself as one of the millennial jet-setters, welcome aboard. Anyone who has spent more time in the air than on the ground knows how real the struggle is. Since 2017, I have spent months travelling around the globe. When you travel as often as I do, you pick up some tips along the road that make travelling easier. Trust me, even air travel does not have to be a miserable experience.

You’ve been Packing All Wrong, Or Have You?

You may spend hours watching YouTube packing hack tutorials to make your trip less trying. However, a gratifying and pleasurable trip goes beyond rolled up socks and coiled belts to keep the shirt collars stiff. Brilliantly designed travel essentials are an ultimate lifesaver for a global hitchhiker. From bulky luggage to the lack of necessary equipment, incorrect travel gear can turn your trip into an ultimate disaster.

Ten Travel Essential for a Perpetual Tourist

Being on the road so often, I get to try a plethora of products and test them for their road-worthiness! The secret to packing smart is to rely on the innovative travel gear that will make your life, and your travel, easier. These are the ten travel essentials that have proven their usefulness time and again and have won a permanent spot on my packing list:

1.     Freshen Up


You need to stay healthy and fresh to enjoy your trip to the most, and there’s no better way to freshen up than by using a breath freshener. My personal favourite is SWISH as it gives me a fresh and energetic start on-the-go. The formula also counters tooth decay.


2.   In-Flight Beauty with Two-in-One Moisturizer

To make the cut, most travel-friendly products serve multiple functions. The Nude by Nature Sheer Glow B.B. Cream is a perfect travel companion that keeps your skin moisturized while the tint helps to clear up your complexion. Say bonjour to the world with a perfect travel selfie!

3.   Print some Magical Moments on the Spot

FUJIFILM Share Printer (SP3) and Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic are a perfect duo that deliver the best of both vintage and contemporary photography technologies! The high-performance flash, bulb, macro mode, and double exposures, make the Instax mini 90 a highly popular instant camera. At 342 grams, SP3 is a compact printer that allows you to print your pictures on-the-go!

4.   Amplify your wardrobe

I like the novelty of wearing something new on vacation. Joe Fresh has excellent essentials that you can easily mix into your existing wardrobe without breaking the bank. My personal favourites are the Long Sleeve Stripe Linen shirt and the basic tees. Both of them work perfectly with a pair of Espadrilles by Joe Fresh to infuse that casual holiday feel into your ensemble.

5.   Walk the Walk


Walking around and exploring a new destination is an inspiring adventure. However, if you don’t have the right shoes, your aching feet will limit how much you see. Start your trip on the right foot with a pair of comfy Ecco Shoes as the brand places all it’s focus on comfort. These blue sneakers are my go to.

6.   A Fresh Start



I love spraying Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Mist all over my face before I get off the plane. The product draws inspiration from the Queen of Hungary Water, the first perfume exclusively created in the early 14th century for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. It gives me a fresh, super-hydrated look, perfect to rock the landing selfie! Also, the subtly sweet blend of orange blossoms and roses smells like vacation.

7.   Tick Tock, Tick Tock

A mismanaged travel plan spells an ultimate disaster, or a comical misadventure at best. You need to watch the watch and it gets even more pleasurable if your timepiece is as stylish and chic as the Vermont leather watch by Tense Watches. The sleek, premium-quality watch is available in rose gold and blue colours. The high-end, reliable watch is exclusively made in Canada with recycled wood.

8.   Throw some Shade


Sunglasses by Polaroid are affordable and fashionable. You will be able to find the right pair that will go with everything and keep your eyes safe from the bright sunrays as you party and enjoy your vacation.

9.   Maximize your Space without checking in a bag


I’ve never been much of a ‘backpack’ person until I came across Patagonia’s Tres Backpack. This backpack is the ideal ‘personal item’ that will complement your carry-on during your next flight. The design of the Patagonia Tres Backpack 25L is thoughtful as it opens like a carry on so you can really maximize the space. I’ve compared it to the other backpacks and found that the design of this one allows you to squeeze in more belongings. It’s also easy to carry in comparison to a satchel or messenger bag. I like carrying it as a shoulder bag but it can also be worn as a backpack

10.   Capture vivid memories


Unlike Wordsworth, who needed the inward eye to recollect the beauty of the Daffodils, we have the right technology to make our memories clearer and more vivid. Capture images and film serene beauty and lively happenings as you go trotting across the globe. My Samsung S9 comes with mind blowing image and video capabilities and helps me save memorable moments from my trips. If you want a phone that doubles as a camera, the Samsung S9 is it!

The modern globetrotter lives by the golden rule of simple, comfortable, and maximum space. Lightweight and efficient are the key features you must look for while you buy your luggage and other travel accessories. I hope my carefully vetted travel-friendly essentials will give you a head start as you embark on your trip. Bon Voyage!


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