Is your old man not into the traditional Father’s Day gifts? If your Dad is too cool for the usual (think boring striped ties and cufflinks, duh!) stuff that goes with the Father Day celebrations, you need to think out of the box to get him a gift that really means something to him! Draw inspiration from his sophisticated yet stylish personality and go for a contemporary, fashionable present.

An Upgraded Uptake on the Classic Dad Gifts

He might be your Dad but he is also a cool dude…Why, you don’t want to get him a cable knit cardigan that clash with his style statement! William Henry, the leading designer of high-end luxury items for men, has reinvented the Father’s Day gifts to give you a special moment with your father. The collection takes a unique approach to gifts for dad with sassy designs characterizing the eccentrically appealing personality of your ol’ man.

An Ode to the ‘Not A Regular’ Dad

The gift offerings at William Henry embody the true soul of a ‘not a regular’ dad who is loved for the funky side of his personality. The luxury designer pays homage to the most interesting dads who fill this world with life, colour, fun, and, of course, love! From pocketknives to jeweler (that he would actually love to flaunt!), there is a plethora of gift options available; go for the one that reflects the character of your father.

William Henry celebrates Father’s Day by offering gifts for the most Exciting Father figures:

The Iron Man

Loyalty, commitment, resolve, and unwavering in his love and support, these dads keep us going though everything. The limited-edition William Henry Kestrel Zephyr pocketknife is reflective of all these qualities and is fit for a dad whose love for his clan knows no bounds!

The pocketknife features a one-of-its-kind blade forged out of Damascus Steel and is nicknamed Wave. The 24K gold koftgari frame takes the centre stage with its intricate, hand-made design using an antique Indian technique. Inlaid with ancient Fossil Coral scale dating back to 100,000 years, this pocketknife is just the right gift for the innate loyalty and boundless love of your father. Set with a one-hand button lock and thumb stud featuring spinel gemstones, the Kestrel Zephyr is truly a unique gift option for an adventurous dude.

The Dynamic High-Achiever

He won’t settle for anything but the best! From sports to professional life to being a father to you, he can’t help being the best person to do the job. The all-rounder father is loaded with an insane energy that excited everyone around him.

The Bolt Kona pen is a unique offering for the most important man in your life. The sleek lines and immaculate, contemporary design accented with cool mechanics make it an eye-catching accessory. The stylus mimics the bolt action rifles with the lock-open and spring release-close mechanism. Set with the authentic smoky quartz gemstones and featuring a beautiful barrel inlaid with real coffee beans cast in ivory acrylic resin, this is the must-have accessory for a high-achieving professional.

The Adventurous Soul

From his action biker attitude to his uninhibited stance, everything about him emanates a vigorous energy reflecting his free spirit. For a father figure who loves challenges and bravely takes on whatever life throws at him, the Black Jack bracelet by William Henry is just the right accessory. From hiking to biking, the Jack deerskin braided bracelet depicts the untamed soul of a fearless man. The wrought silver skull accents studded with the deep red rubies set just the right tone for a high-spirited adventure.

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Disclaimer: Just Sultan was provided with samples from William Henry. As always, all opinions are our own.

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