The Rock-A-Hula dinner show is an excellent way to spend an entertaining evening in Honolulu. Before going in, I had zero clue that I was in for an exclusive treat. The show offers quite an inclusive list of packages and your experience depends on the package you opt for. From the Premier Cocktail package that features a complimentary cocktail and premium seating for the show to the extravagant Green Room package including a backstage tour and exclusive access, the show is an ultra-entertaining experience through and through.

Stageside Dining: Nom, Nom

The Stageside dining option includes a VIP welcome reception and dining stage-side. However, I opted for the top Green Room package which includes seating closest to the stage. The dinner was a scrumptious affair with a fresh lobster salad, an appetizing main, and an indulging dessert. The macadamia nut crumble made from local ingredients and was one of my most memorable desserts from the island. I was suitably impressed with the service quality and their attention to detail.

The Green Room Experience

The green room draws inspiration from the Green Room modeled by Elvis Presely to celebrate his memories of Hawaii. The backstage tour was great; I got to meet Elvis performer and it was a complete celebrity experience with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and all the pomp. Up close, the costumes were even more striking, and it was apparent that a lot of thought went into their design. Overall, the tour was very cool and provided deeper insight into the workings of the show. The props were exquisite up close and added another dimension to the flavorful show.

An Uber Hip Evening Retreat

Fast forward to the actual show; to say that I was impressed and enjoyed my evening is a massive understatement. I was left gobsmacked by the fact that the performances were all live (no lip syncing), and the experience was so complete in every sense. From the surfer hanging mid-air (very much reminiscent of the Cirque du Soleil), to ‘The King’ performed by the veteran Johnny Fortuno, Rock-A-Hula has redefined entertainment.

Rock-A-Hula - Honolulu - Waikiki - Hawaii - Dinner Show - Luau - Green Room Package

Elvis is one of my all-time favorites, so this show was a bit poignant for me. The performer effortlessly brought Elvis to life with popular hits like Can’t Help Falling in Love, Love Me Tender and Always On My Mind. Elvis’ costumes were inspired by the outfits worn by The real King while performing the original Rock-A-Hula. Fortuno is an excellent performer and gets up close and personal with his audience, shaking hands and blowing kisses.

The Hawaiian Journey

Rock-A-Hula celebrates the Hawaiian way of life with the lively troupe that performs Tahitian dances. The fire knife dancing was simply enthralling; I couldn’t take my eyes off the skilled performers who spin and dance around with the burning torch.

Rock-A-Hula - Honolulu - Waikiki - Hawaii - Dinner Show - Luau - Green Room Package

One Last Word

The Hawaiian incarnation of the Rock-A-Hula show outshines the original version. The theatrics of the show are excellent, and it is a thoroughly entertaining experience. They also present you with the pictures of the artists you posed with as a souvenir and no matter which package you select, you can meet the performers at the meet-&-greet post show. I must say that this show is too much fun to pass up and I, for one, will be back for more. Next time I’ll try their Luau dinner package!

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