Piknic Electronik has turned into one of the most iconic summer festivals of Montreal. I had the chance to hit the festival one time this summer with a bunch of my friends and we did not regret our decision even for a second. If you don’t believe me, click play on the video above to feel the vibe yourself!

Summer-Long Sunday Dance Party

Attracting music lovers from all over Canada and the world, Piknic Electronik stays true to its name and offered us a great opportunity to dance and enjoy music. The music party usually lasts until 9:30pm and offers the surreal experience of dancing to electronic beats in the beautiful Montreal sunset. Piknic Électronik has launched a new YouTube series called ’45 Minutes with’ that you can check out if you missed a particular DJ. The first video of the series was actually created when I attended and jammed to the lovely MIJA: https://youtu.be/SkikIkSas-s

Photo Credit: Olsa Photography

Electronic Music, Boho Vibes

Need I say more? Set in the beautiful grounds of Plaine des Jeux, the concept of Piknic Electronik is so cool; enjoy the upbeat music as you munch on your picnic. The festival is open to all ages and you get to spot everyone, from kids to swaying teens, and eclectic grannies! The organizers are so thoughtful; they have even included an inflatable castle for your lil ones.

Photo Credit: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Dance your Pants off!

Traditionally, the first things that pops up in your mind when you think about electronic music are the late night, disco-lit clubs. This music event aims to make people realize the true beauty of electronic music. The family environment also makes a huge difference so that you and your entire clan can enjoy electronic beats like never before.

It can get no cooler than this; you get to sip your drink, dance to the beats, have fun with your loved ones, and enjoy the scenic beauty of St. Lawrence. If you are like me and love a great music experience, Piknic Electronik is surely going to be a hit with you and you are going to dance your pants off!

Photo Credit: Toshimi Jan Muniz

Get into the Rhythm and get High on Life!

Sweat as much as you can, dance the day away, and don’t forget to have fun. Piknic Electronik has a great line up of DJs from all over Canada, and they also feature international artists. Trust me, you will have a very hard time trying to stop your feet!

Photo Credit: Denis Wong

My Two Cents

The festival is very popular and sometimes, you can get stuck in lines. So save your time and purchase an online ticket. Don’t forget to purchase your drink bucket and take home that pail souvenir! I would also want to warn those who love being the first ones to reach a show or an event that the real fun starts a bit later in the afternoon. If you’re with a family, it may be better to arrive earlier so that you have a little time for yourself before the crowds. Also, remember that it is an outdoor event, which means lots of rays of sunshine. Don’t forget to dress up comfortably and stay hydrated to enjoy your music and your picnic. And my final piece of advice: DO NOT MISS THIS EPIC EVENT!

Photo Credit: Peter Ryaux-Larson

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