I was trying to find a really cool NYC dessert trend when I stumbled upon Taiyaki NYC. It is a small shop that offers an instaworthy ice cream dessert that I think everyone must try. The concept is inspired by Japanese fish-shaped cakes called Taiyaki which are sold by street vendors in Japan.

Taiyaki NYC has taken the Taiyaki concept to the next level by creating fish shaped cones filled with flavoured ice cream. Flavours include red bean, matcha, chocolate, and vanilla. I feel that ice cream parlours are now popping up everywhere but I haven’t seen anything as cute or unique as Taiyaki NYC. They take real care into preparing beautiful ice cream creations for each customer. If you’re looking to up your instagram feed or try something different, than Taiyaki NYC is a must during your next trip to the big apple.

Taiyaki NYC has also tapped into the unicorn craze and offers the most adorable unicorn themed desserts. The unicorn desserts are what really caught my eye and I knew I couldn’t leave NYC without trying this place. I tried the unicorn shake and the unicorn Taiyaki cone. I loved both of them. The shake was quite rich and I loved that I was able to get it with an inflatable unicorn cup holder. I thought it was hilarious walking through the streets of NYC with this over the top shake and holder!

The Taiyaki NYC shop is located in the heart of NYC’s Chinatown and Little Italy. Taiyaki NYC does get busy and line ups are the norm. The Taiyaki ice cream trend seems like it is one to stay so please plan ahead and be prepared to wait. Although it might sound like a cliche, these tasty sweet creations are worth the wait, your stomach and instagram feed will thank you.


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