Imagine vacationing at a private bungalow in a hidden jungle oasis, sleeping under the stars, reveling in relaxation and feeling like you’re miles away from the outside world—but at a price you can afford and just a 2-minute drive from all the amenities you could ever need. The fact that such comfort could be found in a modestly priced Airbnb was a stunning proposition that I was more than willing to try out. 

ACACIA Jungle Bungalows in Tulum, Mexico, are a quick escape from the beaches and restaurants in this increasingly popular Caribbean destination. Closed off to the public by a rustic fence, 5 separate Airbnb listings (each housing 1 king-size bed for up to 2 guests) offer visitors similar amenities to what you would find at a luxury resort: an aesthetic one would curate in their most Instagram-worthy dreams, adorned with soft colors and a fusion of modern and rustic bohemian decor, private porches tucked away between the trees, and chic details like macrame tapestries creating the perfect ambiance for a week at the beach.

Aside from the more laid back vibe that Airbnb lodging typically offers, what set this location apart from the other places I had the option of staying at in Tulum were the local touches and inspiring backstory. 

Host Catherine, a fellow Canada native, launched ACACIA Jungle Bungalows along with her husband back in 2018. I immediately connected with them because of my own Canadian roots but was even more impressed by what they have been able to accomplish. They are passionate about travel and becoming enriched in as many new cultures as possible, which is why they relocated to Tulum to help others do the same. 

What also made these accommodations unique is the fact that the hosts use sustainable and locally-sourced materials wherever possible. From the decor, which utilizes materials native to Mexico, to the products such as soaps and other bathroom necessities made by local artisans, guests are able to support small business owners during their stay.

As with any unconventional hotel in a tropical or more remote location, comfort can sometimes be a concern. Thankfully, each bungalow is equipped with air conditioning as well as fans to make sure guests are able to escape the heat. ACACIA also offers guests free wifi, a coffee maker in every room, and a grill in the common area allowing guests to cook meals on site. 

But my absolute favorite spot about this one-of-a-kind abode? Billy the ACACIA dog! This friendly dog was a regular wander on the property while the bungalows were being constructed, and he is now proud to call it his home. He can typically be found hanging out with guests in the common area and is a wonderful addition to this amazing location. Whether you’re missing your own furry family member or simply enjoy spending time with a new companion, everyone who travels through ACACIA inevitable falls in love with this adorable mascot. 

Interested in checking out ACACIA on your upcoming trip to Tulum? Watch my video tour of the property or check out the individual bungalow listings below: 

  1. Bungalow #1
  2. Bungalow #2
  3. Bungalow #3
  4. Bungalow #4
  5. Bungalow #5

Stay tuned for the launch of their website: At the moment, they have a lovely video that gives you another glimpse of the beauty that is Acacia Tulum.

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