The past year has been a whirlwind as I left Toronto and moved back home to Kamloops, BC to pursue graduate studies. I wasn’t planning to launch a guide this year but a few of my loyal readers messaged me directly and asked when it would be released. I didn’t want to disappoint, so voila, here it is! I would like to acknowledge the support of Black Box Container Home and Katie Courson Photography in helping make this guide a reality. They even convinced me to be more present in the guide!

Last year the guide focused heavily on skincare so this year we shifted the attention to travel essentials that will make jetsetting a breeze. I have worked tremendously hard over the last few months to create this holiday gift guide. It could not have been possible without the epic brands that came on board to sponsor this initiative. Just like last year, I scoured the internet and department stores to find super cool brands that I would love to gift or receive.

Feel free to send me feedback to inform future editions of the guide (you can simply comment below). I hope you enjoy it as I put a lot of work into it! Remember to click the circle in the middle of the magazine to go into Full Screen mode so you can read everything clearly and enjoy all the cool pictures I took!

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