I’ve had many unforgettable experiences exploring new cities this year, but every once in awhile it’s nice to escape the hustle and bustle and travel somewhere more remote—somewhere that I can spend an entire day at a spa, on the beach, or even stay in my room without feeling bored or that I’m missing out on all there is to see. I recently had the chance to stay at Chablé Maroma, an upscale resort tucked away in an area of Riviera Maya where the jungle meets a luscious white sand beach. With a focus on promoting wellness while immersing guests in their natural surroundings, Chablé Maroma is guaranteed to make you feel like you’re on your own private island during your stay.

The Accommodations

What truly sets this resort apart from anywhere else I have ever stayed is the secluded yet open setup of each casita. Villas come with either one or three bedrooms and come with a private terrace and swimming pool, allowing you and your party to swim and sunbathe all day without ever leaving your suite. Guests are encouraged to embrace nature with open concept floor plans that offer both indoor and outdoor dining areas, and even shower options! While you’ll want to get out and explore the beach, restaurants, and spa (more on these next!), I wouldn’t blame anyone for spending at least a day or two staying exclusively in their villa.

The Experiences

I always make it a point to spend a day at a spa whenever my hotel offers one, and I can safely say that this one blew me away. These aren’t your average massage, facial, and sauna offerings. Much like the rest of the resort, the spa menu is rooted in Mayan traditions with the goal of creating a truly spiritual, relaxing, and transformative experience for guests. Become one with the forest, the flowers, or the sea in one of the spa’s signature massage rituals ranging from 120-180 minutes (shorter offerings are available as well). The spa also boasts three hydrotherapy pools and yoga and meditation classes.

When you’re able to peel yourself away from your private pool or the massage table, you can enjoy the resort’s 650 feet of private beach, where you can also paddleboard or kayak if you’re feeling adventurous. Cultural adventures and jungle tours are also available add-ons for those looking to see all the area has to offer! Complimentary cooking classes and mixology classes are available to all guests but there is limited space available for each activity.

The Tastes

Chablé has two restaurants onsite, and both will also deliver food to your room or to the beach if you prefer. Kaban offers some lighter and more casual bites—think tacos, salads, tostadas and soups—while the main restaurant, Bu’ul, serves contemporary seasonal cuisine with an emphasis on fresh vegetables and exquisite seafood, not to mention an impressive wine cellar. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, check out the Raw Bar by Bu’ul for an even more robust seafood experience.

The History

This is the second Chablé hotel property, the first one being in Yucatán. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the first location, there are some key differences and similarities that you can expect to see. For example, while the casitas and villas offer a similar bright and airy indoor-outdoor setting, the aesthetic at Maroma (which uses local clays, xucun stone, and Mayan colors to create a beachfront atmosphere) is quite different from the restored 18th-century hacienda in Yucatán. However, if you’re looking for the same Mayan spa experience and exquisite culinary offerings, you’ll be pleased to find that the two hotels are very similar in these areas.

Bonus: A Commitment to the Environment

As if the breathtaking scenery, once-in-a-lifetime private villa accommodations, or mouth-watering dining options weren’t enough to convince you that Chablé is the new it-destination to check out, the hotel’s commitment to water preservation will win you over. I was so impressed to learn that they have their own water system that desalinates and produces drinking water, as well as recycles water onsite, treating any wastewater to use for irrigation.

Whether it’s the ultimate private getaway to a remote-feeling destination (without actually going off the grid) that you’re seeking, or just a relaxing week filled with poolside fun, decadent meals and unique spa offerings, you will without-a-doubt be blown away by the experience that Chablé creates for each guest.

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