Iceberg Vodka Hot Chocolate

Holiday parties are something I look forward to every year, but as we all know, 2020 has put a stop to many of these traditions. Whether your festive gatherings are canceled altogether or just downsized significantly, it’s important to look for new fun ways to celebrate through the season. If you’re really craving some normalcy and belly laughs with good friends, why not gather your friends over Zoom for a holiday cocktail party?

Iceberg Vodka - Holiday Cocktail - Vodka Hot Chocolate

I’ve recently been experimenting in the kitchen with fun new drink recipes using my favourite Canadian-owned liquor, Iceberg Vodka. The name says it all—this vodka is literally made from harvested iceberg water off the coast of Newfoundland. Once melted, this incomparably pure water is then blended with a triple distilled neutral spirit and charcoal filtered to create one of the world’s smoothest vodkas.

Iceberg Vodka - Holiday Cocktail - Vodka Holiday Hot Chocolate

My recommendation for a spirited twist on a seasonal favorite is a boozy hot chocolate. It’s comforting, warm, and completely customizable! You can absolutely use a pre-packaged hot chocolate for this recipe, or even a trendy hot chocolate bomb, but I’m going to tell you how to make my favorite homemade version. (Note: this recipe makes 5 servings).

Iceberg Vodka Canada - Holiday Cocktail - Vodka Hot Chocolate

Start by warming 1 cup of whole milk in a medium saucepan over low heat on the stovetop. In a separate bowl, microwave 10 ounces half and half for 2 minutes. Stir 10 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips into the half and half, followed by 1/4 cup powdered sugar, until the mixture is completely smooth. Pour the half and half mixture into the warm milk and stir until combined.

Iceberg Vodka Canada - Holiday Cocktail - Holiday Vodka Hot Chocolate

Next comes the fun part! Pour the hot chocolate into 5 mugs (or just pour one serving into your mug if you’re hanging solo), and stir in 1 ounce of Iceberg vodka. Top with a handful of mini marshmallows, drizzle some chocolate syrup, and add a candy cane to garnish. If you are making this recipe for others, serving the hot chocolate first is key. This way, everyone can add as many garnishes—and of course, as much or as little vodka—as they would like.

Iceberg Vodka Canada - Holiday Cocktail - Holiday Vodka Hot Chocolate - Christmas Drinks

I hope this warm and cozy recipe brings some extra cheer to you during this holiday season, and helps you close out a year that I know has been challenging for many of us. Let me know in the comments or via Instagram if you have a favorite way to customize your hot chocolate! You can also check out Iceberg Vodka’s website for many more delicious holiday cocktails to try this season.


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