‘Reading Between the Lines’ is an artistic representation of a Church. The see through piece is created by architects Gijs Van Vaerenbergh and is a part of the Z-OUT Project which intends to introduce more longterm pieces of art in public spaces.  One of the things I seek out in new destinations is public art so I made it my mission to track down the see through church while I was in Belgium. It was a tiny bit out of our way but is pretty accessible if you are driving between Brussels and Amsterdam.

Ironically, there is something very calming about this multifaceted piece which is made of 100 layers and 2000 columns of steel. Perhaps the calm comes from the countryside which acts as a breathtaking backdrop.  I would recommend that you go inside and walk around it so that you can see all the different angles and get a real feel for the entire peace. It is worth the trip! My apologies for the poor photo quality but I just had to share this cool find with you.

Insider Tip: Warning! You are only able to access the church via foot or bicycle. Please don’t make the same mistake we did by driving through the field. We paid for it by a friendly ticket that was mailed directly to my best friend’s home. I guess that is one of the memories we will never forget!

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