I didn’t spend too much time in Mons, so this post will be a little short. Mons is not too far from Brussels so it is easily doable if you have a few days to spend in the area. Visiting Mons is like taking a voyage back into another era. I went on a weeknight evening and it was very quiet and serene. The entire area is paved with cobblestone and home to intricate architecture in a variety of styles. The facades are elegant and some of them have gold finishes. Who doesn’t love gold? The square is lined with cute little terraces and cafes. When you visit, make sure you wait for the timed fountain to show you it’s beauty – it’s quite a sight.

I found the Grand-Place of Mons to be an ideal setting for a meal, afternoon coffee break to relax and unwind, or a drink. I went to a Pub in the square to try my first Belgian Beer. The Grand-Place is also home to the city hall and behind the city hall you will find the Jardin Du Mayeur which is quite lovely to walk through. In the heart of the garden, you will find a sculpture called Le Ropieur which symbolizes the  optimism and joyfulness of the local people.

Located just outside the entrance of the Mons city hall, lies a small monkey statue. It has been a there for several centuries and locals say that touching it’s head will bring you luck and make your wishes come true. It’s a whimsical touch that also shows how cheerful and optimistic the people of Mons are.

Mons was the European Capital of Culture in 2015 so you will notice there is a huge emphasis on art and find many museums here. While walking around, be on the look out for artistic graffiti. As you know, I love public art and I was in aww by the public art installation called ‘The Passenger’. It is at the entrance of the square and cannot be missed. The installation symbolizes the flow of individuals and their cultural evolution. I admired the contrast of the wooden structure against the stone facades of the surrounding buildings. Bring your camera for a photo op.

I was really proud to be Canadian when I saw a bronze placard that commemorated the Canadian Corps for the liberation of Mons:



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