If you’re planning to visit Montreal, please add brunch at LOV Restaurant to your list. When it comes to travelling to new cities, a satisfying brunch is always a must for me. When I was researching brunch hotspots in Montreal, I came across LOV Restaurant. After scrolling through their Instagram feed and reviewing their website, I was really excited to try their picture perfect brunch.

The aesthetics of LOV Restaurant are on point. LOV stands for ‘Local, Organic, Vegetarian’.  They have managed to capture this not only within the menu but also within the design and feel of the space. LOV Restaurant brings the outdoors and nature in. The vibe is relaxed and the design focus is botanical and natural touches. The space is bright and airy with a lot of little cute details such as swinging chairs,  rose gold finishes, and marble surfaces. I fell in love with the space when I found it online and it doesn’t disappoint in person.

Although, LOV Restaurant has often been referred to as a Vegan restaurant, it is not. There are many vegan options on the menu but the menu isn’t strictly vegan. The focus of the menu is on fresh botanical cuisine. LOV Restaurant obtains their ingredients from local suppliers and you will find that the wine list features organic wines. An emphasis is also placed on fresh superfoods and vegetables.

I kicked off my brunch at LOV Restaurant with a fresh smoothie that tasted delicious. I’m obsessed with green juices and smoothies lately so I was in my element once I saw that they had this on the menu. I couldn’t decide between the waffles and the eggs benedict so I ended up ordering both. I ordered a half portion of the eggs benedict and a full portion of the French toast. Both plates were presented beautifully and tasted as good as they looked. I enjoyed the fresh southwestern flavours of the eggs benedict. I have also included a photo of the stunning avocado toast for your reference. I didn’t try it though! The eggs benedict was not served with a side so you may want to order a side if you arrive with an appetite. Or alternatively, if you opt for no side, you could share the waffles as dessert. The waffles are topped with fresh fruit and chia gel. I found them to be sinfully delicious and there was no way I could eat them all so I had to take the remainder to go.

Brunch is the highlight of every trip I take and LOV Restaurant did not disappoint. The service, quality of food, and vibe of LOV Restaurant was the ideal combination for a lovely brunch experience. It doesn’t hurt that the space has perfect lighting flying to capture the most memorable photos!

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