Whenever I’m home—which, of course, has been a lot in 2020 particularly—you can usually find me in my kitchen. Whether I’m hosting friends or family, enjoying a light meal by myself, or having a cup of tea while I work, it’s without-a-doubt where I spend the majority of my time. This is why lately I’ve been focusing on making this area as aesthetically pleasing as possible. As the most multi-functional space of my house, I am seeking to create a look that is inviting to guests, pleasant to spend downtime in, and a chic backdrop for the many photos I take there.

Breville Canada - Damson Blue Luxe Collection - Toast Select Luxe - Smart Kettle Luxe - Unboxing

As anyone as obsessed with decor as I am knows, choosing the ambiance for your kitchen isn’t necessarily as simple as picking your favourite paint colour. There are so many other parts of a kitchen—appliances large and small, cabinets, dishes, silverware, glassware, and more—that all need to be coordinated as well. Over the last decade, some brands have been releasing countertop appliances like mixers, toasters, tea kettles and more in an array of fun and unique colours that help further personalize your kitchen.

Breville Canada - Damson Blue Luxe Collection - Toast Select Luxe - Smart Kettle Luxe

You’ve heard me talk about one of my favourite kitchen brands, Breville, before (their Juice Fountain™ has been a daily staple in my life for over a year). I was so excited to learn about the latest colour addition to their Luxe Collection: Damson Blue. Modeled after Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Classic Blue (19-4052), this beautiful hue is the perfect neutral for home design aesthetics across the spectrum—from masculine to feminine, contemporary to farmhouse, and everything in between.

I can’t wait to add elegant pops of blue into my kitchen with this entire line, but there are two products that I’m particularly excited about.

The Toast Select™ Luxe is a sleek and compact 2-slice toaster with 6 different bread settings (Whole wheat, White, Bagel, Waffles, Pastries and English Muffins), browning control, and unique 1-Touch “A Bit More” and “Lift & Look” functions to ensure your toast comes out exactly how you like it. I love how this item isn’t bulky at all compared to other traditional toasters, and yet it can do so much more. I’m looking forward to experimenting with limitless breakfast, brunch, or even “brinner” options.

Breville Canada - Damson Blue Luxe Collection - Toast Select Luxe

I’m also eager to upgrade my tea kettle to the Smart Kettle™ Luxe, which has 5 temperature settings to brew Black, Green, White, Oolong Tea and French press coffee. Chai tea is my go-to hot beverage—in Indian culture, we consider it more than just a flavorful tea, but an important part of the rhythm of life—and I’m thrilled to have finally found a kettle with a variety of settings to help me achieve the perfect cup. Having an upscale tea kettle with a 7-cup capacity will also be an integral part of hosting family members.

Breville Canada - Damson Blue Luxe Collection - Smart Kettle Luxe

To celebrate the launch of the Damson Blue Luxe Collection, Breville has released a new augmented reality (AR) app to allow customers to preview how all of the Luxe appliances will look in their homes. The app is available in the Apple Store or on Google Play.  For more information on the new Damson Blue Luxe Collection, check out www.Breville.ca..

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