Tiffany Pratt’s vibrant and multifaceted design philosophy transforms spaces, homes, events and people. Her aesthetic never fails to make a colourful first impression and she’s always ready to create and invent with client needs top of mind. From hustling through the streets of New York City, to sharing design advice on TV and giving rainbow-filled hugs everywhere she goes, Tiffany is magical force of nature. She sees exquisite in the unexpected, mixes old with new, merges elegant with livable, and she lives and breathes her truth that “this can be beautiful.”

  1. Three words that describe my personality are… Creative, Loving, Inventive


  1. A typical day in my week consists of… Think of a beautiful, colourful, textural, fast moving, creative circus. That is what a day or a week feels like.


  1. My biggest challenge is… Staying still & reflecting.


  1. My heroes are… So many women for so many reasons. I add heroes to my life list every day. I love the everyday and not so everyday heroes.


  1. What I find most satisfying is… Dreaming up ideas, spaces, concepts and ensembles and watching them come true.


  1. Three instagram accounts I follow are… @fenton_and_fenton @kellywearstler @_jujujust


  1. The charity I support is… WWF (so many more…but WWF I have supported the longest!)


  1. The last three items on my credit card statement are… The last three are for Christmas pinata’s on Amazon.


  1. The item in my closet that I wear the most is… My Zara ripped jeans.


  1. One thing everyone should try at least once in their life is… Doing nothing all day.


  1. My favourite travel memory is… Seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time.


  1. My favourite hotel is… I love myself the boutique hotel here in Toronto:: IVY at the Verity


  1. Three of my most cherished travel necessities are…Water, my oversized cosmetics bag filled with all my potions & lotions + cozy PJ’s and socks


  1. My dream travel itinerary would consist of… I would love to be gone to India and Bali for 6 months. No real plans. Just life. Space. Colour and peace.


  1. One piece of valuable advice I have received and would love to share with others is… The sure fire way to fail in life is to try and please others (although I do people please—I always remind myself that to be personally happy and stay marching to my own drum is the most important!)


  1. My Favourite Restaurant is… A little Indian restaurant a few blocks from my place that is always empty with pastic chandeliers and polyester pink table cloths. I don’t need fancy. I want good food with simple and un-fussed surroundings as something to count on!


  1. My dream dinner guests are… I would be honoured to dine with anyone.


  1. I’d like to see more healthy food on restaurant menus and a lot less unknown ingredients.


  1. The cities that have the best food are…NYC! LA!


  1. My favourite quote is..“Imagination is more important than knowledge” –Albert Einstein

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