You can tell a lot about a person from the scent they wear. I’m sure you have noticed an overwhelming amount of fragrances currently available on the market. As a result, it can be a daunting task to select that perfect scent for the autumn and winter seasons. I’ve been asked by many of my friends and family for fall and winter fragrance recommendations, and I have decided to do create a list for everyone who is struggling to settle upon a final choice.

Dwindling Tree Leaves and Earthy Tones

As the leaves change and mark the beginning of a new season, we start layering ourselves up and preparing for fireside chats and evenings of hot chocolate. It is time for you to invest in a scent that resonates well with the aura of fall and winter seasons. To capture the true essence of this cold weather, I opt for fragrances that exude warmth and comfort with a hint of zing. My choices are centered on warmer, spicier, and more brooding tones like tobacco, leather, tonka bean, and incense. These ingredients are perfect for fall and provide me with a sense of comfort when the temperature takes a dip. While summer calls for fresh and cool fragrances, the scents for winter have warm and earthy tones.

Are you ready to wrap up in cashmere and exude warmth with my Fall/Winter 2018 fragrance recommendations?

1.     Paco Rabanne Pure XS ($105 CAD/100ml)

This vibrant fragrance is an expression of eroticism and extravagance. I was impressed with the wonderfully luxurious suede packaging. The scent is a unique combination of fresh notes like ginger, thyme, lemon, and myrrh, infused with base notes of liquor, cedar, and woody notes. The exotic combination leaves you wanting more and the exceptional mix of fresh and warm tones keeps you on edge. Available for purchase at The Bay.

2.     Azzaro Wanted by Night (CAD $1o2/100ml)

Drawing inspiration from the hedonistic lifestyle of the brand’s founder, the new Wanted by Night fragrance by Azzaro screams indulgence and seduction. The top notes of mandarin orange and cinnamon are spiced up with tobacco, red cedar, and cypress. The base notes of this fragrance consist of leather, cumin, and vanilla. This fragrance is the perfect choice for a confident man who is bold yet enigmatic. Available for purchase at The Bay.

3.     Mugler A*Men Pure Havane ($99 CAD/100ml)

Thierry Mugler’s A*Men Pure Havane will remind you of snowy nights and warm cups of hot chocolate with the mix of tobacco leaves, vanilla, honey, and bitter cocoa. It has the sweet playful DNA of the original Mugler but with a cherry tobacco twist. If you like tobacco, and A*Men, you will want to add this to your fall/winter line up. It lasts between ten to twelve hours and will get you several compliments. Available for purchase at The Bay.

4.     Platinum Coach for Men ($107 CAD/100ml)

This sensational fragrance will make you feel like you are about to embark on an epic road trip with Coach. I found this fragrance to be refined with a complex composition that has fruity undertones. The fragrance contains top notes of pineapple, sandalwood, Juniper berries, and sage that are complimented by spicier tones of black pepper, leather, and Cashmeran. Coach Platinum is a fragrance that you can wear all year round but it shines in the fall and winter seasons. I prefer wearing this new release from the house of Coach for dressier occasions and find that it can be worn by both genders. Available for purchase for at The Bay.

5. Mont Blanc Legend Night ($107 CAD/100ml)

A choice of the sophisticated and the elegant, Legend Night by Mont Blanc is infused with cool notes of bergamot, mint, green apples, and cardamom. The fresh tones are complimented by the warm and elegant middle tones like cedar, lavender, and fir resins. The hint of musk and powdered violet add a rejuvenating tinge to this perfume. I found that this fragrance is perfect for evening wear and lasted for about six hours. Available for purchase at The Bay.

Feel free to drop a comment below regarding your favourite fall/winter fragrances. I’d love to hear what works for you.


  1. November 28, 2018 / 2:35 am

    Love these choices! Great post and ideas.

  2. admin
    November 30, 2018 / 12:20 am

    Thanks Heather. Have a great day!

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