a  with WellaWhen Sophie Turner (of Game of Thrones Fame) transformed into a cool blonde, from the redhead Sansa Stark, and attributed her beautiful shiny new mane to WellaPlex, I knew I had to try it.

Pushing my Hair Colour Boundaries

As much as we all love experimenting with our hair colour, the thought of dry, damaged, and brittle hair is enough to put anyone off. However, Wella Hair has come up with the perfect product that allows you to play chameleon while minimizing the damage to your hair.

I believe that beauty is inside out! Unless your hair is well-nourished and healthy on the inside, it will lack the lustrous sheen of healthy hair. Since lighting your hair usually involves bleaching, the structure of your hair can be damaged on the inside. WellaPlex offers a comprehensive hair treatment system that protects your hair and strengthens it.

Hair Musings

I wanted to go for a colour that would give me a refreshing new look but nothing too extreme! Wella Hair advised me to try WellaPlex as it would give me the look I was after without doing much damage to my hair. I was invited to the award winning Parlour Salon to try out the Wellaplex treatment. Maggie, my rockstar colorist was a wonderfully well-versed professional and identified my hair problems accurately. She was mindful of my wishes and asked me what sort of style I wanted to go for while offering colour suggestions that would work for me. She agreed that I should stick to my natural hair colour and just add another dimension to it! I was a little nervous but I automatically trusted Maggie and I knew I was in good hands; she was an experienced master stylist after all.

Touchup Time with Wella

So as we planned, I started with low lights, i.e. very fine natural highlights to add more dimension to my hair without doing much to it. The idea was to make it blend with my natural colour. Usually, I am not big on highlights but this gave my hair a perfect holiday, sun-kissed look. As you can guess by now, the product used for the low lights was WellaPlex. This product is known to build up the structure of your hair with its innovative restorative system and this  allows your hair to strengthen even as it undergoes colour treatment.

The secret behind WellaPlex is the ground-breaking three step technology:

a)     No 1 Bond Maker

Restructures and enhances the inner hair by building hair bonds.

b)    No 2 Bond Stabilizer

Maintains a stable pH level.  The No 2 Bond Stabilizer works wonders to bolster the health of your hair.

c)     No 3 Hair Stabilizer

A follow-up hair treatment that keeps your hair shiny and smooth while protecting the hair colour.

Once done with the highlights, Maggie used Colour Touch Plus in Le-Beige by Wella to blend the grey hair and to lighten the base colour so that the highlights were more pronounced. I was happy to learn that  Colour Touch Plus enhances your natural hair colour and protects your hair from further damage.

Hair Homework with Fusionplex

To maintain healthy hair and  to ensure that you get the most out of your new colour, Wella also offers some take home products. Fusionplex shampoo, conditioner and masque are part of the home care regime to prolong the effects of Wellaplex!

Love is in the Hair

They finally cut and styled my hair and I have been totally digging my new look! Unlike my previous colouring experiments, my hair feels finer, softer, and shinier. The treatment has definitely helped alleviate the environmental and chemical damage to my hair. I think the new style is fun and refreshing and gave me a break from my usually dark hair.

Please note that I was hosted by Wella Hair and Parlour Salon for this experience. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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